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Final Countdown

Our special guest at this year’s award ceremony in the town hall is Australias international and FC St. Pauli team captain Jackson Irvine. Of course we want that everyone can make it in time to the town hall until 6:30 p.m. – but there’s construction work on the underground which will make travel more complicated. For that reason we decided to use a new match plan: we will have only two groups with seven teams each, and after the group stage we will have semi finals and finals. That way matches at the Soccer Hall will end before 4 p.m.

Everything else is almost the same procedure as every year. Here are the most important things: 

Friday, 3rd November:

Come Together in the „Wunderbar“

address is Talstraße 14
Opened from 7 p.m., group draw round about 9 p.m., afterwards party

Tournament Matches

Saturday, 4th November: 10 a.m. –  4 the Sportpark Öjendorf, Address: Koolbargenredder 31-33
There’s construction work on the underground line 2, and traffic will be partly substituted by buses. It will take more time. Car sharing with the company MILES could be an option for you, their business district reaches exactyl to the tournament location. 

And before we play please have a look at the tournament rules

Award Ceremony

at the Town Hall, address is Rathausmarkt 1. At 6:30 p.m. our patron Farid Müller invites us to the impressive Emperor’s Hall. Trophies will be handed over by Jackson Irvine, captain of 2nd Bundesliga team FC St. Pauli and australian international. 


8 p.m. at the Restaurant „Rheinischer Hafen“. Directly from the award ceremony we take you for a walk to a restaurant where we made a sufficient reservation. no need to pre-order. More Info here. Please note: It’s not the same location as last year where we had that kind of service problems, so you might give the new restaurant a chance.

Closing Party XXL

in the Wunderbar again, Talstraße 14. On saturday at 11 p.m. the Wunderbar party also includes the neigbouring party location „Hörsaal“. You can get your free tickets during the tournament. 

We will see you on friday evening for the group draw or on saturday on the pitch!