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Update on the tournament 2023

As we are confirming the last details of this years‘ tournament, we want to keep you up to date.

This time we will have 14 participating teams:

  • mvd-Quadratekicker
  • GFC Friends Prague
  • Streetboys München
  • Hot Shots Cologne
  • Hot Shots Cologne
  • SLS Leinebagger Hannover
  • RosaTeufel
  • Soho Fc
  • PAN FC
  • PAN United
  • Vorspiel Berlin
  • WANKY BOIZ and the Married Woman
  • Ballboys 1
  • Ballboys A

The programme

Just like in the last years we have a welcome evening and the group draw at the „Wunderbar“ club in the famous St. Pauli district.

We will start playing at 10 a.m. on Saturday (4 Nov) at the Sportpark Öjendorf and will try a new match schedule that allows us to finish the last matches until 4 p.m. This year we have construction work at the underground and we want to make sure everybody can make it in time for the award ceremony at the town hall at 6.30 p.m.

At 8 p.m. we can take you out to dinner in a restaurant nearby (waiting for the reservation to be confirmed, it will not be the Hofbräuhaus like last year). There’s no need for you to sign up in advance, just follow us and everyone pays for himself.

Later on saturday evening we will have the welcome party again at the Wunderbar club. You’ll get free tickets for your team during the tournament.